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Software developer of 15 years. Passionate about providing real value to users.
If you’re here it means you’ve either stumbled here out of curiosity or seeing if I’m the right fit for a UX role.

I’m hoping it’s the latter (but in any case, Hi!).

I’ve developed solutions for a range of products and industries, such as not-for-profits, video games, construction, retail. The list goes on. Throughout, I’ve been handed the brief and created something that I anticipated would provide value and be robust enough to get the job done. However, often these briefs have been the product of loose assumptions and putting the needs of the organisation above those of the user.

At this point in my career, I want to see things more from a user’s perspective. I want to talk to and empathise with them to really get into the weeds of what is and isn’t working for them. I want to develop designs that are accessible and inclusive from the outset, not bolted on at a later time so that a box can be ticked.

Thanks for visiting my site. Let’s get in touch.
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